Jan 5, 2024
Expensively Rich appearance from this low cost door trim and accent kit.

Curb Appeal Dress-up door trim accents for Home or Business

House Numbers or Family Name Plates
Start by deciding on an address or name plate
Plates are sold in 2.5",  4",  5.5  and 8" heights

Each window or transom requires 4 corners (1 kit)
For very large corners,  use RAIL kit material to lengthen your corners to any length you require.    For smaller corners, you simply shorten each corner by straight cutting with a blade.

 (included in kits)
Each window or transom requires 4 connectors so they are sold in a 4 pack.   Shown here are 4"long standard connectors which are included in the rail kits.  Also, you will receive a set of stubby (short) diamonds with each rail kit.
CIRCLES             DIAMOND            STEPPERS

Each window or transom requires 2 rails for the long sides.  Large rectangular windows may require rails on all 4 sides.   To complete any window or door,  you simply require 1 corner kit and as many rail strips as required to complete the border around the glass.

Too little material, add more rails... Too much material .. cut to shorten.  It's that simple!

  Rails are sold in 3 ft lengths and include Diamond connectors.   Two rails and 1 diamond connector  is 76 inches long.  Add more rails or less rails, depending on size.

Basic Transom Kit
Easy to Install - Adds value to your home!

Available in Mirror Gold, Mirror Chrome, Mirror Bronze and
select "hammered" metallike finishes
Buy exactly the components you'll need to accent any door and in any style suitable to you.

Address (house numbers)
 or Family Name Plates
Adding an address or Name plate is the final accent that gives your home that upscale custom look.  Shown here is an address plate, but you can also order a name plate.
It depends on your taste for Metallic looking house numbers or personalization with your family name.
 Just specify the name/lettering combination you wish during ordering and we'll provide this on a strip of installation tape that allows the whole number or name series to be installed as a single unit.  Once the plate has bonded to the window, the installation tape (membrane) is simply removed leaving only the contoured lettering in place.

Corner Sections
Each sidelight or transom windows needs two Corner Sections.  These are made to your exact size so that you'll get a perfect fit always.

Connectors are geometric shapes that connect your corner sections to the rails (see below) to form your complete shape.   Each sidelight or transom window requires 4 connectors -- or you can be creative and use any combination of connectors and rails to complete the pattern.

Rails are simply longer strips of material that fill in the remainder border space.  A sidelight or transom window needs two rails typically.  Rails do not need to be ordered by size,  You cut the length as needed with ordinary household scissors or a sharp knife.  Just be sure to order rail lengths at least as long as your longest rail measurement.


Kits are sold by sections.   This method allows you to design a kit covering a simple transom dress-up with house numbers and/or an elaborate dress-up kit to include glass doors and side lights. 

1 Decide on house numbers or Name --- or none
First decide on a Name or House Number if you so choose.   Order the numbers or letters you want and pick the size and style of font to feature your last name or house number.

2 . Corner Section
Decide on how many 90 degree angle corners you will need.   Our corner kits come with 8 corners that are 8" long vertically and horizontally.  You can cut these to shortly length with   ordinary scissors.  We include 6 short 2" diamonds as connectors or dress up components.
Each corner section includes enough corners for 1 door and 1 transom.

3. Rail Sets
Rails are used to fill in the spaces between your 4 corners.  Each rail set includes FOUR 32 inch rails and  EIGHT 4 inch stretch diamonds.  This gives you  160" of rail length and this is used to fill the length or width of the window, door or transom you are decorating.  If you need more than 160", just add additional quantities of Rail.  You are unlimited in how much rail length you can add.



Installing our kits couldn't be easier.  Simply outline your window first with ordinary masking or electrical tape to be the "BUTT EDGE" guide for installation.   Then using a solution of Palmolive Dishwashing Detergent and water,  spray a mist of slightly slippery water on the CLEAN window.  Remove the Curb Appeal graphic from it's wax backing paper and place on the window and slide into position and damp dry the strip by patting (not wiping) with a soft lint free towel.   The graphic will dry into place.   Once all the graphics are installed, simply pull down the masking tape used as your guideline.

Curb Appeal
Give your front door an upscale custom
look with a rich and royal appearance that looks
like you spent thousands of dollars on your homes entry point!

Curb Effects Door and Window Dress-up

Deluxe Window and Door Metal Effect Trim Kits

Product: Door Window Trim
Numbers and Letters are charged #2.00 each plus height cost add on.
Your number(s) or name(s),
House number or Last Name inluding any space.
Instantly upgrade the entryway to your home or business!

Curb Appeal
Give your front door an upscale custom
look with a rich and royal appearance that looks
like you spent thousands of dollars on your homes entry point!

Curb Effects Door and Window Dress-up

Once a corner is placed on the window, you can either shorten it to fit by cutting or you can lengthen it by adding rails to complete a corner.  FITS ANY SIZE WINDOW or DOOR!

House Numbers and Glass Window Trim Kits