Jan 5, 2024
WWII WW2 Fighting Duck Decal Air Force,

Peace Brother
I love ya Man

Peaceful Fingers!
and much more..
Reflective Shocker Stickers
When I was a hippie,
Love was free, bra's were for burning, and panhandling was a profession.
  Where in the heck did we get that from?

  Peace and Love
decals  now!

What kind of crazy company makes a
reflective pepper decal?
StreetGlo, of course -
market research?  What's that?

What can you do with a reflective pepper decal?
You tell us  in our FORUM and if it's a good idea, you can put a free one in your shopping basket.

What actually inspired the reflective pepper decal?
Two nights without sleep makes a case of beer seem drinkable.  After that, everything seems like a good idea.  Get your sleep!

How did we make so many?
Ever hear the expression "sleeping with one eye open"?  Believe us,  turn off all machinery becuse the guy that started that expression is a liar!

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We have the best Shockers!

We had quite a few hand signals back then.. but nothing like this SHOCKER decal that says quite ... too much actually.  But hey, if the "bird" was ok in my day, I suppose these Shocker Decals are no worse..    or are they?

"Ya know...  My daddy said to me once"
"Heya MyBoy - Watchm place youa puttem a finger,
Nowa - Leesn youa Papa"

and with that said........


 Sticker Family Decals

STICK-UP Stick Family Decals are the ideal way to proudly represent your family on the back window of your SUV,  Car,  Truck, Boat or Motorcycle.  Buy exactly the family member icons you need and from a variety of personality chacracteristics unique to your own family.  Wall Street Dad and Hippie Chick Mom are just two examples of personalities you can include.

Be sure to order a set for your spouse!

Available in 3" tall and 5" tall Series
(Characters other than dad are
less tall as per illustration enclosed)

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Decal Graffiti for Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles

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