This is a freehand kit -  The strips are shipped on a wax backing paper base.  Each strip is pulled off the wax backing and applied "free"hand in whatever design you choose.   Order TWO kits and create some unusual design patterns that make the perfect accent for your motorcycle and add reflectivity at night.

1/2" SuperBlack Reflective Tape Strips
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1/2 tape in all other colors available here)

Installation instructions
(you'll be sorry if you don't read this) :

Our reflective Motorcycle Pinstriping Kit is a "FREE FORM" Kit.  Each strip is pulled off the wax backing and applied with the entire sticky side exposed.  These strips are easy to handle, easy to apply. However you need to apply them wet using a soapy water solution which is appied all over the strip sticky side and on yout motorcyle.  This prevents accidental bonding as this material sticks quite substantially to any dry surface and will be stretch damaged if you try and pull it off dry to reapply.  

Mix palmolive and water.. about 10 drops to a cup.. maybe more.. maybe less.  If you want it perfect,  try a trial mix and spray this on any smooth painted surface and on the back side of one Light Band-it  Strip.   Put it in place and scoot it around, make it bend as in a curve, work that little fella and if he just starts to stick sometimes,  you got it right.  if he sticks quick.. 20 seconds or so.. put another drop of Palmolive in.  if he doesnt have some tack  after pushing across the strip with your finger like a squeegee... add more water.. you got it too soapy. 

The method of design is freeform so there are not rules as to how to lay these out.  Whatever pleases you is what you should do.  There are two ways to use the decorative ends or the coupling sections.  You can simply butt end the tape to the appropriate end of the decorative accent or you can "lap" them and then hold a brand new razor blade across the  tape as it laps the graphic, then pull up the loose tape side and it will cut itself off in a clean line.

If you need more time to apply the strips, keep wetting them with a spray bottle filled with your soapy warter solution.

When designing your motorcycle pinstriping design, keep in mind that maximum reflective position is the most important factor. 


The compete kit cost less than stock reflective tape rolls.

You get 46 feet (total per kit)  of reflective tape in assortments of 1/8  1/4 and 3/8 sizes
Plus you get decorative Ends and Decorative Couplings FREE

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Motorcycle Pinstriping Kit
This complete reflective tape kit for motorcycles
or other small vehicles and craft.

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Fresh decals have  Better Workability, Durability and Better Adhesion
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Motorcycle Pinstripe Kit