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Jan 5, 2024


Tank Roasters
The Long, Firm and Rigid Tank flame Kit with
our easy-fit contoured flame shaft.  Fits perfect every time!
(What? - My gads man, NO!  It a decal you moron!  )

Streetglo NutBlasters Tank Flame Roasters - Reflective Tank flame Decals,  Tank Flames

"so yu think u'r- a'man cuz that moterSickle you got? boy, u gott a  sissey  sickle thare. my -fert- got moor balz thann that thing u gott. u neads a pear a'my Nuts on it fer a start. . now, u-git ur wallit out or u getta goin now.A sissie boy like u roun't hear gonna  skare mi kustummers a-way".

Motorcycle Graphic Kits and Flame Decal Kits  


Tank Roasters (tm)

The Long, Firm and Rigid Tank flame Kit with
our easy-fit contoured flame shaft.  Fits perfect every time!
(What? - My gads man, NO!  It a decal you moron!  )

Click photo to see actual "teaser" decal as a prototype

These these flames are the real deal!
 They are so authentic
you can roast marshmallows on them!
 They really are flames.
  It says so right here!

For real!
  Don't you know salesmen don't lie?

$39.95  AS SHOWN    ONLY  $29.87

Wow!  These graphics don't look like safety products. At our rally,  more bikers were looking at my flames than any of the hand painted bikes around me.  When the sun hits at the right angle, they look like they are really on fire".  Funny thing is... even at night they look like they are on fire.

  "These are the best motorcycle decals I've ever bought!"  *

  Kerry Stanton

SHOWN BELOW- 1 kit (4 flames)

With only a  split second to react ... even your best reactionary maneuvering
 response will rarely prevent or reduce the likeliness or force of impact!

Conspicuity is an important part of a larger plan to ride safely
at night.   It provides a  valuable opportunity to change
a single event allowing you to 'ride past' that accident.
Conspicuity is a powerful force so strong- it can
hold back  whole fleet of  Tractor Trailers
getting ready to pull into  the pathway
of that little ole bike of yours!
      .       Wow.... So Cool!      

nut blaster teaser reflective tank flame decal in production.
Tank Roasters (tm)
these are some very hot flames!

"NutBlasters" are available in 64 color combinations.  Match up any primary and outline color. To accent your bike.  Remember, the outline color is what will border your bike color, so keep this in mind when selecting the outline color.  This motorcycle graphics kit will give your bike an upgraded look that will last for many years.  Furthermore, the reflective motorcycle graphics kits may help other motorist see you at night. 
A typical bike will require 1 or 2 kits, but if you have the room,  a 3 kits offer the most safety.  We can also custom cut a kit exactly to size. 

Reverend J.W. asks:   Is this an appropriate name for a life safety product?  What are you guys doing there?

Mega-Flame answers:    (you gotta check back if you want to see how this extremely bright decal gives his usual dumb bunny answer)

 ""nutBlasters" Sold at over one billion  locations worldwide!
we're bigger than those 'burger guys'!
What, you don't belive that?   

Below are color samples of three models available.  Teaser is the only model available at this moment.

Click the box to see these flames enlarged

Product Tank Roasters
Two stock kits are avaialble
A custom size kit is available
:  Select from the drop down menu below:

Small kit:
2  Large Flames  14.5" long 2.9" wide
2  Small Flamew  5.9" long  1.76" wide.

Large Kit:
2 Large Flames 16.3" long  3.3" wide
2 Small Flames   6.7" long 2.5 wide

Custom Kit:
We can make these any size you need to fit everyting from a motorcycle gas tank to cruise ship!  Just ask!

                                STARTING AT:

ONLY   $39.95  AS SHOWN   $21.77

Streetglo now provides a superbright and invisible reflective stripe kit for your motorcycle frame (black tape on black frame)

This kit is superbright white under reflective light.  Your motorcycle frame is the ideal place to pack a huge amount of bright reflective safety and it is virtually invisible in the daylight.

Check out our superblack reflective tape strips
Introducing NutBlaster brand of tank And Fender Decal kits.

Here we introduce our Tank Roasters. This is our general conformist flame design, looks like a flame, thinks like a flame and smells like a flame.  But hey.. don't burn yourself! Our super reflective material can fake you out!   Tank Roasters are perfect for any style bike from a cruiser to that yellow chopper.   Perfect for roasting a big set of walnuts or for mom and the kids,  they are marshmellow compatiable!

Stay tuned for a new kit each week.  Our NutBlasters are made right here in the poor south, so you need to buy them quick!  Coming next week..  HotNuts - our NYC style flame and  and CocoNutz Our paradise flame from the tropics.   We'll bring more to you once we pay our designer.  He refuses to design anything else untll we pay him, do you believe the nerve of that guy?