Resin Refill Ribbons for Roland Colorcamm

A high quality ink that is safe
to use in your printer.

A major benefit of Bordeaux's Eco-Solvent ink is the extended printhead life and limited need to regulate the surrounding airflow.

Bordeaux's Prime-Eco solvent ink is fully ly compatible with Roland's ECO-SOL MAX, Mutoh's Eco Ultra and Agfa Grand Sherpa Eco Solvent inks. Just "plug and print" and you're ready to go!
 A major benefit of Bordeaux's Eco-Solvent ink is the extended printhead life. It is fully compatible with the factory ink and flushing is not necessary to upgrade to Bordeaux ink.  Colors are rich and brilliant.  Your existing color profiles will not change and you can use both inks as you switch over to Bordeaux.
Bordeaux has also designed the Eco-Solvent Inks to interact seamlessly with the Printer: 100%-compatibility with original printer components · Promote printhead life · Will not cause clogging and misfiring · No Need to use mechanical ventilation directly over the Printer

-Resin Printing Ribbons
Designed for the:
Roland ColorCamm
Models: PC 12  -
 PC 60 and  PC 600

The Roland Colorcamm pc 600 can cost as
 little as
.62 cents per sqare foot to operate!
As little as $8.33 per refill

This ink is no substitute - it's an upgrade!

Long Lasting - High Grade
Resin Color Printing Ribbon Refills

Automotive Grade Quality

Wholesale to the instutional, educational and printing companies.

$8.33 ea - buy a 6 pack

The Colorcamm IS NOT expensive to operate as some would suggest!

USING OUR 6packs the Roland Colorcamm PC-600 can print for as little as .63 cents per square foot with 50% coverage density.

Read on ... You might be surprised at the economy of this printer/cutter!

Figure it out for yourself! A full solid 12" x `12" block of printed resin costs $1.16 per square foot using our 6 packs.   If you did a full square block of  CMYK printing with each ribbon completely filling the block, the maximum cost is $4.64 per square foot, almost half the cost of what people claim it cost to run this printer.   If you have typical printing with 50% white space average then your full color cost per square foot is $2.32 more/or less, and the PC600 with it's ribbon saver feature can extend this savings.

How about Black printing with 1 or 2 spot colors?  Your cost drops even further.  Full density printing would be $3.48 and 50% white space would be about $1.75 per square foot.

SIngle color printing would be $1.16 or about .63 cents per square foot.

Now some might argue the PC12 and PC60 can not operate at the lowest price because they do not have the ribbon saving feature of the PC600.  This may be true for some print jobs but not for all and at the very least, they can't cost more than the full desity printing cost estimates herein.

The COLORCAMM is an ECONOMICAL Printer when using our 6 Packs.  

The Roland ColorCamm


Use the best materials and clean all vinyl first with a good quality Isopropyl Alcohol of 91% or better. 

NOT ALL Isopropyl Alchohols work well, some actually create problems, Cumberland Swan brand 91% works great and you can often find it in Walmart stores.    Clean your vinyl with a fresh clean white paper towel and the Alchohol.  If your Alchohol is of good quality, you will quickly feel a strong drag resistance as you wipe clean the vinyl.  Wipe it a 2nd time with a clean dry paper towel and
blow or brush off any remaining towel fibers.

DO not use wrinkledl, folded or any non flat vinyl.   For line free printing the vinyl must lay completely flat under the print head.  Some tabletop Colorcams will exhibit banding the very second that the feed thru vinyl touches the tabletop.   ALl materials must lie completely flat to prevent printing problems.

A properly adjusted and properly supplied Colorcamm printer can provide long term trouble free print jobs.  Most issues that prevent useable prints come from feed or vinyl travel issues that cause the vinyl under the print head to not be completely flat under the print head.

Clean your print head after EVERY use!   Examine your reloads and with finger pressure tighten up the slack and examine the ribbon surface.  It should be completely level and without buckles or tension on the edges.  If you have either,  the cartridge is not feeding the ribbon correctly and banding or misprints are likely.

We recommend only ROLAND brand cartridges and ZeroNine cartridges that are rebranded ROLAND models.

Want to produce a print that no Eco-Solven printer can match in durability?  We recommend spray on ClearJet UV Clear Coating.  For smaller jobs, the 12 ounce spray bomb does a fine job and the final print will have a refined looking finish and can provide outdoor durability of more than 6 years.

STOP Ribbon Snapping problems

Process colors
Roland Factory Service
ColorCamm Head Replacement

Repair Parts are still available!

Put your colorcamm back to original factory specifications with a new print head-if needed and full factory setup and performance check-up. 

Contact  Roland at 1-800-542-2307 !

All Colorcamm users should take notice.
Roland intends to maintain parts and service for the Colorcamm series through 2011.
If you find a used Colorcamm - Buy it!  It's a great machine and Roland is a terrific company with great service!

(NOTE: ROLAND is not affiliated with StreetGlo)
COMING SOON--- ECOSOLVENT INKS for ROLAND and other large format printers.
A surprisingly good ink that performs better than many OEM formulas!
Did you know that some foil ribbons can be over 12 months old --- or even much older --- before it is delivered to you for printing?


That's right!   We rotate our production every 30 days approximately.  Any ribbon refill received from us is guaranteed to be less than 60 days old from date of actual foil production.   We may occasionally run into a backorder problem because of our intentional rotation schedule for ribbon slitting and mounting, but only the very freshest ribbons will ever be provided.   
Product Resin Foil


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