Jan 25, 2024
Sizzle Strips -  More creative than reflective tape alone!  Cheaper too!

Reflective pinstripe is a great way to enhance motorcycle, bicycle and vehicle safety at night.  Sizzle Strips provides all of the enhanced visibility of 1/4" reflective tape but with the extra sizzle and style that come with enhanced safety designs.

There are a variety of design possibilities with Sizzle Strips.   Each kit includes the Baseline and the Coupler.  The featured kit here is the star coupler.  The strips are contoured to fit the star and you repeat this pattern every 9, 3 1/2 and 2/14 inches in any order or in no order.  it's completely up to you.  In fact,   you don't even need to use the couplers unless you want to....

For a really cool effect,  order Sizzle Strips in two different colors and use a contrasting color coupler with the Main Baseline color.   So what are the rules to follow in making your own enhanced pinstriping project?  Well.. there are NO RULES, it's a designers paradise product because you can use them any way you want!   Just remember.. these are some pretty sticky strips.   They are best installed using our wet method with a spray bottle and a mix of Palmolive Dish Detergent and Water.  Why Palmolive?   Do you want dishpan hands?   No.. really... It's the best!   We've tried them all and Palmolive simply gives the best workability and the best consistency.

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How much do you get?
 A lot! - about 220 inches, end to end.  
Each strip is 1/4 inch wide. 

How to install
Lay them down with a soapy water solution to prevent sticking while you lay out your pattern.  The soapy water will not affect bonding.

 Use a solution of 1 cup water and 8-10 drops of Palmolive in a sprayer bottle. Spray both the object and the sticky side of the strip.  LOOK AT BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE FOR FOR INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS!

Interview By ED:
Official Decal QC inspector

ED:: Why are they called Sparkies?

BILL:   Well,  the guy that invented them was name Sparkey.   He had some trouble at night with his wife so he drew these things up and asked me to make them for him.

ED:  What kind of trouble was he having with his wife that needed reflective strips?

BILL  Well you see Ed,  Sparkey was getting old and couldn't see too well.   These reflective strips were to be used so he could find his wife's ummm  ...  her.. mmm   ... So he could find his way under the covers at night.    With a flashlight.  I thought, wow!  I could use those myself, so I rush them right into production!  I figured we'd have lines and lines of fellas like Ole Sparkey.  But that didn't happen!

ED:   I think I know why Bill,   Tell me,  did you do any marketing research first?

BILL:   What's that?  Is it like studying a Cliff Note?

ED::  I guess I know that answer.  So.. Bill, you never did tell me why you decided to name them after Sparkey. 

BILL: : Well, it's in memory of Sparkey. 
ED:  Oh my goodness, What happened to Sparkey, did he die in a  spectacular motorcycle accident?

BILL:  No, it was a head lock and a plugged in lamp!

ED:  How does a man die with a head lock and a plugged in lamp?

BILL:   Well, you need to meet Big Mama,  Sparkies wife....    You see, Sparkey was all full of ideas but Bib Mama, she's a pretty big gal.   One night, just as ole'Sparkey was marking a pathway to the play pen  Big Mama woke up and boy oh boy, I heard she was furious with him!    Bib Mama  wrapped him up tight in a head lock and she took one of them pole lamps and she shoved that thing right up... ummm well, you know what I'm saying.

ED:  Ouch....   So you mean.....

BILL:  Yep, she plugged that lamp in, and that was the end of ole Sparkey.  Yep, you could see Sparkey Sizzle for over 2 miles away.  So  we named these in honor and memory of ole'Sparkey.  That Poor SOB!  Sparkies Sizzle Strips... That sure did describe his situation.

ED:  That's terrible, horrible.  Unthinkable!  So now, you only sell them as outdoor reflective safety tape?

BILL:   That's right, No man in his right mind would should try what ole Sparkey tried to do.  It's just not a smart thing!  Besides, , Sparkey's widow would come right down here and throw me out of my own place if I ever sold them for any other purpose other than outdoor night safety.

 So did you still want three packs of Blue Sizzle Strips?

ED: Nah.. you better give me 6,  my wife a pretty big girl!

Installation instructions
(you'll be sorry if you don't read this) :

Mix palmolive and water.. about 10 drops to a cup.. maybe more.. maybe less.  If you want it perfect,  try a trial mix and spray this on any smooth painted surface and on the back side of one Sizzle Strip.   Put it in place and scoot it around, make it bend as in a curve, work that little fella and if he just starts to stick sometimes,  you got it right.  if he sticks quick.. 20 seconds or so.. put another drop of Palmolive in.  if he doesnt have some tack  after pushing across the strip with your finger like a squeegee... add more water.. you got it too soapy.   

NOTE:  Light Tacking is the ideal mix...    As the fluid dries, this stuff will stick to that surface better than slug guts sticks to the bottom of your socks as it squishes up and inbetween those toes of yours.  For those of you that don't know what a slug is.. well.. just know the Sizzle Sticks are gonna stick. and for those that have done the Slug-Toe-Jam dance,  write me and we'll start a support group, ok?  

When applying the Baseline and coupler,  it looks like they are made to interlock.  However,  distance them about 1/16" to 1/14 inches or your project will look like ... ummmm   .. doo doo probably describes it.    Are we clear on this?  


Product Sizzle Strips Accessory Pack
Add more couplings such as Skulls, Diamonds or Mini-Maltese crosses.  Add more Baseline stipes in any of the three lengths.  Use the same color or an accent color.

Sparkles Sizzle Strips

This high style reflective tape makes ordinary tape say  "OUCH"

That's right,  this is the classy replacement for
ordinary pinstripe tape or reflective tape rolls.

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Sizzle Strips
Makes Ordinary Reflective Tape Look Plain

Sparkle's Sizzle Strips - The pinstripe with attitude