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Reflective Safety Bee
3.5" DECAL
Product Reflective Bee Decal
Safety Swarm Reflective Decals

New LOWER COST printed decals with our ultra glossy armor coating for long lasting durability and reflectivity.

These bees are printed on our ultra bright DOT engineering grade reflective PVC  vinyl sheeting for a long lasting print and durable finish.

Bees are provide on a non stick sheet...

To install these stingers,  you simply lift the bee from the backing and transferring it to your helmet or other object.  You'll need to use a pin point to lift each of the legs and head points first so they don't tear off when lifting the bee body off the waxed backing paper. 

It's a good idea to spray the bee with a mix of water and Palmolive (1 cup water - 4 drops Palmolive) to prevent the bee from sticking to itself.or bonding before you are ready. Spraying the Bee BEFORE you lift it and while lifting it will insure it doesn't stick to your hands or itself.

Spray the object to apply to and place the bee on the wetted object and gently "PET" your stinger until all the water and air is pushed out from under the bee.

Then you are done!

Caution!!!!!   Do not allow the sticky side of the bee to touch the finished surface.  These decals are dry cured and not fully cured. It will bond to itself and damage the finish as you try and remove it.  It is ok to apply car wax over the decal to protect it's gloss finish but allow at least 2 weeks after installation.

"Light Blaster Reflective Decals are made fresh daily"
Fresh decals have  Better Workability, Durability and Better Adhesion
Order Workload - please allow 3 days for production!