Rim Shotz Motorcycle Rim Reflector Tape kit with Easy Install tools
Your entire motorcycle frame can be one HUGE reflector!
Black tape that magically reflects bright white -  yeah right!

It really does!  That's why we call it   MagicBlack Invisible Reflective Tape!

the power of light to fight a bump in the night
wear motorcycle colors that let you ride again
MagicBlack -  Superbright INVISIBLE reflective tapes strips

Invisible when installed on any black object.

reflective frame tape
Black tape shown on frame     
Black tape on black leather seat

Super black refletive tape strips

Superblack strips are provided in 1/2" and 5/16" sizes. You get 8 of each approximately 7" long per strip (56" overal in lenght for 1/2" strips and 56" overall in length for 5/16" strips (112 inches overall when combined per ket).
Invisible (black tape on black object) reflective tape.
This is our "SUPERBRIGHT" Black reflective material.
1 kit = 112 inches of black reflective strips
$9.95 per kit
SAVE $2.00  BUY 2 reflective strip kits only  $17.90 2- kits
.75" x 23.5" Tape Strips for extra reflectivity 
$3.95 per stript
Installing black reflective tape on your motorcycle or bicycle frame offers a huge amount of night reflective conspicuity. However until now, most black reflective tape has been lower in reflectivity than other reflective colors. Our new SuperBright black reflective tape strips are highly reflective and turn bright white under reflective light. Unlike any other black reflective products, this tape maximizes night time reflectivity and remains virtually invisible on black objects such as motorcycle or bicycle frames

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reflective tape for wheels

Black Magic Reflective Invisible Tape

Reflective Rim Tape Kits and Rim Graphics
rim reflectors wheel strips

RimShotz Reflective Wheel Rim Kits


Works great on Black Bicycles or other Vehicles.    Barely Noticable in daylight... Superbright white reflections at night to oncomming traffic. Can be applied to Black Boot Heels,  Stationary leather, or any stationary black objects.

Invisible Black Reflective Tape for Motorcycle Frames, helmets and other black objects  Installing our SuperBright Black reflective strips on your vehicle or motorcycle

For most applications of Magic Black Frame Tape decorative reflective tape on cars, trucks and motorcycles, it is often a good idea to use bright and contrasting colors on your helmet, fenders, farings, etc.  However, a motorcycle frame looks quite unattractive with bright reflective tape installed on the typical black painted frames.  While our ordinary reflective black tape is reasonably reflective,  our SuperBright Black reflective vinyl is available only in custom cut black reflective strips that can be applied to any back vehicle or object, such as a black motorcycle frame, resulting in what appears to be invisible reflective tape (black on black).  This is an excellent way to protect the original black appearance of your motorcycle frame or other black parts while gaining high reflectivity at night when seen by an approaching vehicle with their lights shining on your motorcycle or vehicle.

You can use Magic Black Frame Tape super bright black tape on any black frame, fender  or on Leather Seats or Saddlebags.

Product MagicBlack reflective tape strips kit)
Cut these into any shape
DIY Blank Sheet Sections 
4" x 12" $5.90 ea

Product BlackMagic DIY)
invisible reflective tape
.75 x 23" black magic strips