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Our reflective decals are used for a variety of applications such as custom motorcycles, custom and "pimped out" cars, trucks and boats.   All decals here are made in highly reflective vinyl and are avaialble in decals that are both 1 and 2 color.    If you have a little Decal Grafitti you'd like to express but don't see it here, please contact us and we'll make it for you... CHEAP!  And that's a promise!

The Peace Symbol, the sign of the 70's, has a long history back to 1958. 

Peace Symbol logo, designed in reverse to thicken the amount of reflective surface in this deal.  Let peace now bring you night safety
Bargin Price $only $2.49 for a 2.2 inch decal 1 color decal.

Come'on now -  Don't Freak us out - Buy one!


Groovy Dude!  Dig this Sign!

Peace Brother
I love ya Man

Peaceful Fingers!
Product Peace Symbol
Next time someone cuts you off on the interstate,
give them the "finger"  These fingers won't earn a black eye!

Tell the world you are in touch with peace, harmony and free love -
(free love -  we were wrong about that one!)

Bargin Price   only $5.99  a PAIR!  (3" tall)  Decals

YES, this is for 2 Decals

Product Peace Hand Sign
Shown here is Black top on Blue Outline Peace Sign Decal.  In the event of a single color peace sign, the black area is a cutout and the object you are applying this to will replace what is shown as the black top color herin.

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Hippie (hippy) Freedom decals
I'm still on a
Magic Carpet Ride
22nd and Atlantic Avenua
Virginia Beach Va  1969 - 1976
AKA: Pepe

We were wrong about those  capitalist "pigs"
Now I am one!  (And liking it)  By   Bill Aggie ( Bill Agreste)

We had Teenie Boppers, Pushers, Narc's,  Holy Rollers, Hippies and Freaks (I was a  Freak see below),   These were the colorful people that made up my world back in the  late 60's  and 70's.  It was the most  memorable time of my life.    I will never forget those flower children,  the feeling in the heart, and the unity we had.    In a strange way, we were the wildest people on earth yet the most tender and the most honest.  We were the generation that changed the world and made odd a normality.     We loved mother earth and we were open to everything new.  It was an unusual time and one I will  never forget!     We were the generation of love and unity.  We didn't fight those that harmed us,  we did something more powerful... we forgave them! 

Short on money but rich in heart and expression.     We wanted to change everything but money was then as it is now, the route to change few  of us had any money.       We called our money "bread"  and I believe we called it that because we never had enough money to buy anything else but bread.   We called the females  "Chicks" but not if you hooked up with her.  Once you were steady, she became the  "old lady" and we were the   "old man".  Now look at us.  We've gone full circle!   Now she really is an "old lady" but we want her to be a "chick".  Life is sometimes very strange in how things turn around on you. 

We rarely were surprised, but we did get 'Freaked Out"  a lot!   Freaked Out is a term we could use for just about anything.  If it scared us - we were "freaked out",  or if it confused us,  troubled us, tickled us, or surprised us, yep.. Freaking Out Man! 

 Since everything FREAKED US OUT, we had a scale system to communicate how FREAKED OUT we were.  If you ran into an old friend, you'd be FREAKED OUT.  If you ran into an old friend and he cut cheese in front of you,  you would be TOTALLY FREAKED OUT, MAN!   If you caught your best friend banging you mom, you'd be  TOTALLY TOTALLY FREAKED OUT.   The more severe the situation, you might have to add the "f" word in there as in "I'm totally totally F@@@ing freaked out" and this would be about as high as you could get on the freaked out scale.

We were also fascinated by "far out".   It was a  "far out" time back then.  Things that we liked were "far out",  things that impressed us were "far out".  A lot of things would be far out even now. I remember one time when I imagined how I would be as an old man.  Wow, That freaked me out but after thinking deeper about it, It became "wow.. far out"  Me as an old dude!  Now I'm 50+ and telling stories of how it was back then. This is about as far out as I've ever been and let me tell you.....  I'm totally freaked out, MAN!   Send me back to the 70's please.   If I don't ever see another bottle of Rogaine again,  I'll be one happy hippie! 

You were a Freak, a Hippie, or Square.  I was a Freak, and Proud of it!   But just so I don't scare away any customers,  A freak was a term of endearment for those that had the walk but not the dance.  I was a hippie in every way but not quite "far out" enough to be a true hippie.  But I did  have the Age of Aquarius and the free soul fever running through my veins.  Jesus was my God,  Freedom was my right, and Rock and Roll was my Voice.  I was  a long haired Freak,  I had hair down the mid of my back, I was  finely tanned and could pass as a surfer beach boy (handy with the tourist chicks).   I lived in a basement room on 22nd  and Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach Virginia.  We called it a "pad" and my pad was too cool for a boy to call home.   My ceiling was an  orange and white US Navy parachute with colored lights tacked up behind it.  I had psychedelic walls and ultra violet lighting that would explode the room into a trip all on it's own.   I Wish I had some pictures of my pad.  it was a "mind blower".  It was more than just a "pad".  it was freedom and it was mine.  Oh, it was a  "chick" magnet also.   A guy couldn't ask for any more.  

We were the generation to bring us to where were are now. Look around, you are living in a world that we decorated.  Like it or hate it, we are the ones that shaped it.  Thank god those that dropped out came back, or where would we be now?    Those hated capitalist pigs fortunately gave us much needed jobs.  And those new medical discoveries that kept your cousin and my uncle with us.  Thank god we didn't break the establishment we hated.. or we would all be living under a tree somewhere.  But we carried some great freedoms forward with us.  We redefined "freedom of speech"  and freedom of expression and tolerance.     Oh, and how about those bra burning ladies?  This  reminds me of Sally Fuierrello (Don't worry Sally,  I misspelled your name for heaven's sake!) .    Wow, what a woman.. Ummm I mean "chick" 

Sally was was 100% pure natural woman,   She was a cross between Sophia Loren and Anne Margaret, but  better...   Why?   Well because she wore a halter top, of course!  ....  as did most of the chicks.     The best thing about a halter top,  they can be removed and twirled above the head.  and  Sally was one of the best!  You needed only a bonfire and good music. Maybe a toke for the toke takers... but all this combined into a top twirling breast jiggling experience at just about any gathering.  Bare Breasted Chicks were  the mascot of our time.  Just look at photos from any rock festival,  twirlers a aplenty! 

Well I can't bring back those days, But here are a few of the images that are all so familiar to  my hippie brothers and sisters.  I wonder how many of them are still around and just might find this old Freak capitalist pig!  Hey, if you were among the  flower children residing (hanging out) in the 70's in good ol'e Virginia Beach Virginia oceanfront,... Let me hear from you!  Peace Brother!

FREAK- Only a true hippie could be called a Hippie.  That's because I didn't leave home, live on a bus, feed off the land, and live totally free and in any direction the wind might blow.   While I had all the hair, all the sayings, all the attitudes and all the love,  I still liked air conditioning,  a soft bed, and a car I called my own and didn't share it either!   So, I was a freak, not a hippie,   Most of us back then were Freaks.  SO how could you know a true hippie?  It was easy to tell.  Believe me, man oh man, it was so easy to tell.  If you think you know how it was easy to tell, write me here and if you are correct, I'll send you one of everyting on this page.  Is that Far out or what?
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