WWII WW2 Fighting Duck Decal Air Force,
New Finger Arrow Accent..
Uniquely StreetGlo...

The perfect Shocker
Decal is here.

Featuring the illustrative finger arrow.

Now for those of you that don't know what a shocker decal is...  well...   we aren't saying.  Just don't buy it, ok?  But if you do know the outrageous concept behind this gesture, then you are going to love how EXTRA BOLD this looks when it lights up for oncomming traffic.  It makes a heck of a great safety sticker too for you night walkers and riders.

A Streetglo Shocker gesture hand signal will make sure this   message is seen.  For real impact, get our two color models and use contrasting colors such as green/yellow, orange/white, blue/yellow, etc.

For those that want to know..

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Shocker Hand Decal
Product Hand Signal Decals
2.7"  thru 11.5"
tall shocker decals.


This solid shocker decal is also a safety decal great for motorcycle, bicycle or other outdoor night activities.

We recommend this one if you want a safety product.

reflective two color shocker decal with arrow by streetglo
2.7"  thru 11.5"
tall shocker decals.


The two color hollow Shocker decal is a safety product.  The single color hollow decal is not recommended for safety applications due to lack of surface area for reflection.

up to 11.5" available

Product Hand Signal Decals
shocker hand gesture with streetglo.net arrow accent


Solid Shocker Stickers starting at $3.99;

Hollow Shocker Stickers starting at $3.99;

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