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Auto Pin Striping

Auto Pinstripe
is an excellent upgrade to your vehicles exterior.  When you Pinstripe with Streetglo's reflective Pinstriping, your car or truck will be the trophy on the boulevard.  Note:  Our Auto pin-stripe is the same identical product as our reflective tape. Folks know these terms individually so the same product is known by two names.  You may order either, as they are the same product.

There are a number of advantages to using Streetglo's Auto Pinstripe.
Our Pin Stripe is highly reflective at night which gives your vehicle a bright and unique appearance.  It also increases visibility of your vehicle to other vehicles that may be in a position to impact you.

Our Auto Pinstripe has a daytime glow to it that is unique to other non-reflective Pin Stripes sold in the average Automotive Store.   While looking like ordinary pinstripe,  the reflective surface of our Pin Striping has a bright and bold appearance when seen from certain view points.   All colors of our reflective Pinstripe will illuminate at night, including our black auto pinstriping which reflects a bright gold color.


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Auto Pinstripe
Pin Striping your ride
Auto Pin stripe tape rolls reflective.
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