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Reflective Decals - Stickers and Lettering!

Safety Reflective Decals for Motorcycles, Boats, Cars, Trucks and Bicycles. 

Reflective Pinstripe  

Reflective Pin Stripe
It's so Cool.. Nobody will even know you are being safe!

rolls of reflective vinyl tape pin stripe
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1/10 thru 2" x 37.5 ft. starting at $8.49
Suggested Retail: $9.99
 1/10 x 37.5 ft.

See all sizes and bulk sheet material too!

Sizzle Strips are an excellent alternative to ordinary reflective Pin Stripe tape.

sizzle strips reflective tape

sizzle strips reflective pinstripe

Sizzle Strips offer more styling options than ordinary reflective tape.  If you wish to combine sizzle strips with reflective tape,  colors do match as they are made from the same engineer grade reflective material.

Looking for Conspicuity Tape
conspicuity marking tape safety conspicuity tape
1/4 inch reflective tape and pinstripe
1/8th tape
butts here

1/4 tape
 butts here

Be sure to order 1/8 and 1/4 tape for the smaller kit
Order 1/4 and 1/2 tape for the larger kit

Pinstripe Decorative Ends for  1/8 and 1/4 pinstripe tape.   Available also for 1/4 and 1/2" tape.   

decorative pinstripe ends
All pin stripe rolls are 37.5 ft. long.  Sizes range from 1/10 thru 3" and you can order sheet material which is 24" wide.  

Our reflective tape rolls
may be used for:

Reflective Tape
Auto Pinstripe
Motorcycle Pinstriping reflective
Reflective Bicycle Pinstripe
Boat Pin Stripe
Reflective Vinyl Tape
Reflective Strips
Reflective Stripes
Pinstriping Tape
Car Pinstriping
Truck Pinstriping
Auto Pinstriping
Pinstriping Design
Conspicuity Tape
Motorcycle Pinstriping Kits

PINSTRIPE DECORATIVE ENDS:  These pinstripe trim ends are designed for applications where 1/8 and 1/4 reflective tape is used in a dual pin stripe tape design.  You can also use this kit for dual 1/8 or dual 1/4 applications with the loop ends shown to the right.  These kits allow for neat and attractive termination of each run. Just butt end the pinstripe at the tabs provided.   The background viny is not removed to protect the delicate designs until you remove them for installation.

Product Reflective Pinstripe Decorative Ends
  Price is shown in the box below with options selected.

Pin Striping Installation.
o        First, decide where the ends will go.
o        Set-up first, then do the install...

Let's make a soapy decal installation fluid in a Spray Solution
o        Make a soapy spray solution filled with the following mix.
o        Combine in a spray bottle 1 cup of water and 4-6 drops of dishwashing detergent (Palmolive).
o        A spray bottle allows for ease of handling the soapy solution.  
Procedure for applying your pin striping application the Decorative ends. 
o        Use the spray bottle to apply the soapy solution to both sides of your application and the body surface to which your application will be applied. 
o        This will allow you to slide your pin striping  application into place.  This is the most fundamental component of installation of your applicaiton, this allows for a professional installtion. .
o         Then when your pin striping application is in place, gently rub it down with your finger. 
o        Pressing firmer, the ends of your pin striping application will bond with approximately 40% bonding strength.  As the soapy solution dries, bonding strength will increase. 
Procedure for applying the Pin Stripping
o        Use the spray bottle to apply the soapy solution to the area of the surface where the pinstriping will be applied, use long and even strokes.     
o        Then spray both sides of the pinstriping as you gently pull off the backing and place one sticky end onto your chosen position, wet with the soapy solution.
o        Slide the pinstripe around until you get the basic shape or line that you want.
o        Then gently start to push the tape down onto the wet surface to bond it using your finger.

Procedure for adjoining your decorative ends.
o        When you get to the decorative ends, overlap the decorative ends with the pinstriping by approximately a half an inch, without pressing into place.
o        Then take a straight edge brand new razor, lay it across the pinstripe at the point you want to cut it, then push a little on the razor while pulling up on the unwanted end of the pinstripe.
o        This will pull the pinstripe up and across the blade which will cut it perfectly.
o        Then just push down on the finished end.
o        Look over the entire application and smooth out any air bubble and press firmly.
o        Allow several days drying before you wash your vehicle.

Order reflective tape ( pinstripe ) here
Check out our custom car, truck and motorcycle graphics too!

Car  / Auto Pinstriping:  Reflective Pinstripe can be use as auto pinstripe,   motorcycle pinstripe, or boat pinstripe, or use it as conspicuity tape on a bicycle or any object you want to illuminate at night.   Many auto pin striping projects look better in Lumastripe which provides a classic daytime look.  Nobody can tell you have reflective pinstripe on your car.  However at night,  the reflective vinyl tape will burst into a firey brightness when seen by an approaching vehicle. 

Motorcycle Pinstriping:  Reflective motorcycle pinstripe can add a very classy look to your motorcycle.  However, adding motorcycle pinstripe can also enhance your night riding safety quite substantially!   Motorcycle Pinstriping is easy and it really looks great!

Conspicuity tape:   Our wide reflective tape rolls are available in any color up to 2" wide.  Our reflective tape  makes great conspicuity tape for illuminating any object.  Use conspicuity tape on mail boxes, as reflective driveway markers, or as a reflective tape on any object to call attention to.  Conspicuity tape is used in all safety applications.

Boat Pinstriping:  Use our reflective tape to replace your dull or scuffed boat vinyl stripes.  You can simply add reflective pinstripe to existing boat stripes, or replace it all with stock reflective tape or a combination of stock reflective tape and custom cut designs made specifically for your boat.   With reflective tape, your boat can be seen for miles and miles when out to sea.  It's the ideal rescue product and insures oncoming boats can see you easily with their searchlight in narrow or mooring locations.  You can combine boat pinstriping with one of our custom reflective boat name decals for a completely illuminating experience!

Reflective vinyl tape installation can make a huge impact in the looks of your car, truck boat or motorcycle while adding safety and style to any vehicle!

Reflective Pinstripe auto pinstripe auto pinstriping reflective motorcycle pinstripe reflective tape motorcycle pinstripe motorcycle pinstriping reflective vinyl tape reflective tape installation reflective strips reflective vinyl

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