Night Reflective Gloves
For Bikers, Police, Motorcycleist, Traffic

Super comfortable, Soft Leather,  Low hand fatigue,  Super Bright Night retro-reflective fingerless gloves.  You just won't want to take them off.. ever!

Quality leather gloves prevent fatigue, keep your hands cool in the summer and warm in the winter. But the real reason to buy these gloves is they might also help keep you alive!

Streetglo's FireFly "Night Bright" fingerless leather gloves are the first reflective gloves designed specifically for bikers.  They are also great as a comfortable leather traffic glove, or for bicycle riders. 

StreetGlo Firefly Night Bright  reflective gloves are unmistakeably bright at night.  They add another level of safety to your night activity on the highway.

Our leather fingerless reflective gloves come in 4 sizes including Medium, Large, X Large and XX Large. 

Use these reflective gloves for:

Reflective Traffic Safety Gloves
Reflective Biker Gloves
Reflective Police Gloves
Reflective Jogging Gloves
Reflective Walking Gloves
Reflective Safety Gloves
Reflective Mechanics Gloves
and  more....

Any applicaiton whereby an ultra high degree of reflectivity is necessary.

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RetroReflective Leather Biker Gloves (open finger)

FireFly Nite Brite Reflective Safety Gloves
We encourage ou to give a pair of our Reflective Safety Gloves for Bikers, Joggers, and Police/Traffic control a try.  They are ultra bright and can greatly increase your chance of being seen at night! 

FireFly Night Bright reflective biker gloves
Night Bright
Reflective Gloves

Soft premium leather.  Velcro Wrist strap.  Expandable finger sides for comfort.  Highly reflective strips.
Light Blaster  - FireFly Nite Brite
Reflective Gloves

Bright Reflective fingerless leather motorcycle gloves.

Half Around  palm: 4.35 "   M
Half Around  palm: 4.45 "    L  
Half Around  palm: 4.55"    XL
Half Around  palm: 4.65"    XXL

Measurement is around the top of the hand and 1/2 of the thickness.
 See mark on the sample photo.

This hand measures 4.53 inches and the XL gloves fit perfectly.

 All our gloves are made with premium soft leather.   The glove fits best if it is slightly tight when new.  The tendency when buying gloves is to try them on and buy the most comfortable fit.   However, with a good quality leather, it will stretch out with use and a comfortable new glove becomes a sloppy loose glove in time.   The best fit is for your first impression to suggest you should have bought the next size larger.   Slightly snug is the proper new fit. especially with our full finger gloves.   The half finger gloves use spandex adjusters on the finger sides and the need for break-in is not necessary as the glove compensates for expansion in the leather.


Jan 5, 2024