Your privacy is important to us:

Your information is safe with us.  We do not share your information with anybody!  We will never mail you an offer, we will never contact you except in response to an inquiry from you.  

Please reconsider using  "spam safe" disposable e-mail addresses to order:

Using a spam safe e-mail address that is not your regular e-mail address can cause a delay in your order.   While your use of the many free web based e-mail services is a good idea to protect your e-mail from spam,  keep in mind that nearly every con-artist trying to rip off online retailers is also using the free web based e-mail addresses.  When a credit card processor sees one of the web based e-mail addresses,  it often triggers a manual process whereby your order isn't instantly transmitted to the dealer or online retailer.  Instead, many of them will get a notice of an order plus a note not to ship until a manual approval is transmitted.   When you use a disposable e-mail address to order,  it often delays your order for several hours or even a day.   If you happen to make some mistake in your address and phone number also, then the two of them can result cancellation of your order by the credit card processor.   We encourage you to use true e-mail addresses when you order from any reputable online retailer.   If you are uncomfortable using your real e-mail address, please be sure you carefully enter the bill-to and ship-to information as most credit card processing companies check several key indicators for order fraud before transmitting an approval to the retailer.

Our Return Policy:

We want you to be satisified with your purchase.   Only a foolish company tries to make money from an unhappy customer.    Any stock item can be returned for refund, credit or exchange and for any reason provided the item is still in new condition.   We will do our best to satisfy you or we will refund the purchase.  The exclusion is custom items.   Custom items can not be returned for refund unless there is a defect with the product and we can not correct the problem.    However,  we will, at our option, refund your custom order even if there is no defect with the product.  We decide this ons a case by case basis. 

Did you damage it while installing it:

Contact us.  We understand how mistakes are made and we are here to help.  In most cases, we will replace items damaged during installation as a courtesy to our customers.    In some case,  there could be a minimal charge for fabrication and/or fabricaton costs, but these are rare and are not expensive.  Honesty is the best policy.   We are more likely to replace a decal dropped into the grass by the customer than to replace a decal that we are told came from us with grass blades already contaminating the sticky side.   All options regarding replacement, refund or repair are at our sole option.

Shipping Policy:

We ship all orders within 2 to 12 hours upon receipt.    It is rare that an order is shipped any longer than the next day.  The exception is custom made decals and layered decals with more than one color.   Also,  this fast delivery policy can be altered by workload.  Please see the workload banner at the top of our home page for published and expected production schedules. 

Problem or question about your order?

Custsomer support is provided by Email.   When you placed your order,  we emailed your order details to you.  These details contain our contact information.  Please refer to this information to contact us.   If you did not receive your order details,  please check your local spam filter and/or your ISP spam filter. 


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