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Medium Car - Truck Flames Kit - $69.90
2 - Front bottom flames    5.7" tall x 19" long
2 - Front top flames  5.9" tall x 22" long
2 - Bottom rear flames  3.2" tall by 9" long

Large Car - Truck Flames Kit - $119.90
2 - Front bottom flames    8.2"  tall x 25" long
2 - Front top flames  9" tall x 29" long
2 - Bottom rear flames  5.0" tall by 12" long

Universal car and truck graphics kits
Streetglo's Flame Graphics Kit will fit all vehicles because it is a custom graphic ordered to size. Will fit all vehicles, imports, domestic, cars and trucks. Pictured here is Ford F150 truck. Each Car/Truck Graphics Kit contains 6 custom vehicle graphics as shown below for both sides of the vehicle. Kit can be order for matching style hood vehicle graphic flames as well. ( Ordering options include 1st color and 2nd color choice. You can order both the same color or specify different colors as required on the sample Ford F150 pictured below. Stock kit is non reflective but may be ordered in reflective

Reflective Car and Truck Decal Kits
The best car and truck decals

Universal Car-Truck flame decal graphics kit
This universal flame decal kit is purchased in one of three sizes.   Simply select the size that best fits your vehicle.   You get a total of 6 car flame or truck flame decals (3 per side) and the measurements are as follows:

SMALL CAR-Truck Flames KIT - $49.90
2 - Front bottom flames    5.7" tall x 15" long
2 - Front top flames  5.9" tall x 18" long
2 - Bottom rear flames  3.2" tall by 7.5" long

Car Flame Decals

Truck flame decals and flame graphics kits

New Graphics Kit for the new Honda, Toyota, Ford and GM ...  And other domestic and import cars
This tribal flame kit can be installed in nearly any pattern you choose.  It is compatiable with ALL CARS, TRUCKS and BOATS!.  This Flame Kit is built in retro-reflective LumaStripe vinyl.  These graphic decals can be arranged in any pattern you prefer and will illuminate your ride at nignt with safety and coolness!

You get a total of  14 tribal flame auto graphics (everything you see on the larger picture above for both sides of your vehicle.   There is a LEFT and RIGHT side provided in this tribal flame kit.

The largest tribal flame decals are shown on the top photo on the door.

Tribal Flames Graphics Kits (reflective)
Shown on image - 1 full graphics kit on 1 side of car.
Largest flame:  16.5" long and 3.3" wide.
Smallest flame:  5.3" long and 1.43" wide.

Entire tribal flame kit ONLY -  $32.95
Want more?  Special price for 2...