Eagle Flame Tank Decals on a tank and helmet
Night time motorcycle safety
See how Larry Johnston has used Streetglo Reflective Decals to improve his night time safety while riding.  The decal system he used was our Eagle on Fire tank set, and he ordered a smaller helmet set as well.  To this Larry added two rolls of pinstripe which he put on his helmet.  He also ordered a set of Classic Eagles and mounted them on his fairings.

As you can see from the top photo,  this bike looks like any customized bike with the graphics installed and looking like a custom paint job.   However, at night, this bike screams for attention and that's exactly what you want to help being noticed on the street.   Nobody would argue that most motorist can avoid hitting you providing they see you.  

Riding safe at night should be a full compliment of components including your own defensive riding, good maintenance of your bikes safety features, and proper use of lights.   A final and important step includes reflective devices on your clothing whenever possible and the ultra-cool reflective graphics and reflective vinyl tape products provided by StreetGlo.

Larry Johnstons Cool and Safe Motorcycle
Eagle On Fire - Tank Graphics Kit
Night Time Motorcycle Safety

Safety Reflective Helmet Decals and Stickers  

Reflective helmet flame decals and kits  

Riding at Night - Safety with lighting and reflective graphics and proucts. 

Notice how the reflecive graphics illuminate at night when under the direct beam of a drivers headlight.