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Decal Installation Instructions:
Before cutting any decal,  replace your blade.  Don't take a chance.  A sharp blade is necessary to avoid damaging your decal.

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Helmet Decal Installation

Decal Installation: First,  Install a new blade in your utility knife,  Un-sharp blades will damage the decal.

Decal Installation Instructions:
Large decals on irregular surfaces can be difficult to install.  If you decal can be cut into sections, it is better to cut the decal into smaller and more bendable sections.  Here we show streetglo's reflective helmet decal being cut and installed.

 Motorcycle Helmet Decal Installation
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Decal Installation: Cut the decal into smaller units.  It is too big to bend around a helmet in it’s present form.  Now the decal is in three units which will be much easier to install.

Decal Installation Instructions
This decal is now cut into three easier to manage parts.   If this were a flat surface, this step would not be necessary.  However, we are going to install this decal on an irregular surface - a motorcycle helmet decal installation job is about to be accomplished.
Decal Installation Procedure

Before you actually install the helmet decal,  position it first as you will like, and then mark the decal position with masking tape.  You do not want to spend your time trying to adjust position once the sticky side is exposed.  Decide position first!

Decal Installation: After wetting the surface, apply the  main part of decal up to the position marks (masking tap)  that you applied prior to removing the backing.  Start applying the skull face thru the centerline first, then branch off the centerline towards each end branch.   You can stretch the decal simply by pushing off the centerline into the direction you want the excess material to go.


  Once the decal is in place, remove the application face and position the 2nd decal.  (Note:  the sticker being applied here has optional application film provided. This is the film you see on the decal.  Not all decals come with this application film)

Decal installation procedure

Now that we have installed the decal,  position the cut portions as you like, then proceed to install the decal as you did with the main body of the decal.
Now we have installed both sides of the decal.  This decal looks great. We are letting the adhesive set a little while... a few minutes,  before we pull off the application tape front.  This allows the decal to bond so that we do not remove it when trying to pull off the application tape.

Decal Installation: After applying the right side, then apply the left.  You may need to manipulate the decal in some areas to conform to the odd shape of the helmet.   A slight amount of stretching may be required.   Now…  the final product.

Decal installation procedure:

THis is the final product.  This decal looks great!   Aren't you glad you took time to read this little installation manual?  Great looking decals make everybody happy, don't you agree?

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