Install boat lettering using the wet or dry method.
January 6, 2024
Boat Name Decal and Registration number installation
How the Wet Release boat lettering system works.

Boat lettering is cut from a variety of vinyl sheeting brands.   Boat lettering can be cut from inexpensive short duty vinyl, or boat lettering can be made from premium vinyl products such as our wet install capable engineer grade retro-reflective vinyl.  Vinyl is supplied in roll stock with the sticky side of the vinyl attached to a non-stick paper backing.  Boat lettering is precision cut by machine so that the boat lettering pattern is cut into the vinyl but not the backing.   Once the boat lettering is cut,  the unwanted vinyl is removed from the backing and the boat lettering design is revealed.   In order to install the boat lettering, some kind of application mask is then applied over the boat lettering so that the installer can apply the individually cut letters as a whole unit to maintain alignment and uniformity.  It is this application masking (also called pre-mask) that must be removed once the application of the boat lettering is complete.    Streetglo's unique wet release system uses an application masking that holds the letters in place with a water solvent based adhesive on the application mask.   While the adhesive on the boat lettering itself is water proof,  the application masking begins to break down once wet.   This timed reaction allows installation latitude for application of the boat lettering using a wet method of installation .  The masking that holds the boat lettering together slowly releases the letters for easy removal once the decal is installed.  Installation is simple as you simply slide the boat lettering into place and wipe down with a squeegee or towel. You then allow a little time and the pre-mask will begin to release from the boat letters leaving you with a professional and glitch free installation.   Best of all, this system is completely compatible with dry installation for those that are comfortable with a one-shot boat lettering installation method.  However for all others,  our wet release boat lettering system makes installing boat lettering decals a snap!

Detailed installation instructions for Boat Lettering Vinyl Decals

1.  Order Streetglo Wet Release - retro reflective boat lettering decals
2. Clean the location on your boat, car or truck for the boat lettering decal
3. Make a solution of 1 cup water - 10 drops of Palmolive dish-washing liquid.
4. Spray the boat with this solution making it soaking wet.
5. Spray the back of the boat lettering decal as you pull the backing from the decal.
6. Slide the boat lettering into place and position exactly as wanted.
7.  Seal the decal with the wiping motion of a Rubbermaid spatula or window squeegee being careful not to seal in air, water or bubbles
8 Once in place, allow your boat lettering to bond to the boat.  A the same time, the moisture will be causing our wet release tape to release from the boat lettering.
9. After 1 hour or more, attempt to remove the boat lettering masking.  If it does not completely release from the boat lettering vinyl decal,  allow more sitting time.
When ready,  remove all application masking and rinse off the boat lettering.  Allow several days for the boat lettering to seal to the boat, car, truck or other vehicle.  Apply a good coat of a cleaner wax to remove any residue on the boat lettering vinyl and to create a highly refined polished look.


Why mess around with ordinary boat lettering products?

With Streetglo boat lettering products,  you are paying for the highest grade of vinyl available.. .not a lot of mark-up, fat or waste.   We buy our engineer grade vinyl in full factory stocked rolls directly from the producer.  Our buying power is what makes retro-reflective boat lettering products available at average prices.   Just check prices from other vendors for "ENGINEER" grade vinyl and you'll see just how value priced our product really is.  And best of all,  you not only receive the best boat lettering vinyl product available.. it doubles as one heck of a safety feature should you be lost at sea.  Our boat letting products can be seen for miles away under searchlight!
When ordering your boat name lettering decals, we provide our foolproof  "Wet Release"  system (instructionsSEE THE VIDEO).  This system will assure you of professional installation even if you have never installed vinyl lettering before!   Once applied,  the bonding between the application tape and decal will break down with water so it removes easily while not damaging the lettering underneath.   While you can always install our decal "dry" if that's your preference,  the wet release boat lettering  assures you that your boat lettering project will have professional looking results!
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Installing boat lettering can be a very tricky application.  Many installations end in tangling and other errors that can ruin your boat name decal installation.  Streetglo uses an exclusive wet-release boat lettering system that allows maximum work time and adjustment latitude and a timed release wet installation lettering mask that releases the boat lettering after you have installed the boat lettering exactly as you have planned.
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