Jan 5, 2024
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Reflective Decals -  Bright and Sassy!

        If there's one thing a motorcycle and rider needs, the ability to be seen should be high on your safety list.  Way too many motorcycle riders are injured or killed by motorist that simply didn't see them.

        Using your headlight and running lights in the day can help with conspicuity.   In fact,  it is standard protocol on modern bikes to have the headlights on 24/7.   However,  there are other things you can do to increase conspicuity beyond headlamps and running lights.   Bright noticeable colors on your bike and clothing can greatly increase visibility of your bike and help protect your position on the highway.   White helmets are better than black ones.  White or Yellow clothing is better than black leathers!   There are varying degrees of conspicuity with all the colors in-between.

        If you have a dark colored bike,  bright colors or bright graphics can help increase your conspicuity.  Bright or fluorescent colors in the day can greatly improve conspicuity and give you an additional margin of safety.  However, bright colors don't do much at night, and this is where StreetGlo can help tremendously!

        Streetglo manufactures a large assortment of motorcycle decals in bright reflective colors.  Streetglo has nearly every possible graphic design kit or decal you can imagine.   From simple and stylish helmet decals to complete motorcycle graphics kits, StreegGlo has all the really cool motorcycle decals!  Best of all,  they are retro-reflective which can give you great conspicuity in the day (assuming you select bright contrasting colors) and they explode at night in a spectacular display of bright colors.  The highly reflective material used in StreetGlo decals simply burst through the darkest of nights.

        We tested some of the reflective vinyl from StreetGlo and found immediately it is as bright as any reflective substance we've ever seen!   I believe it is partly the result of exceptionally high quality reflective material combined with the realatively low position of your bike with regard to position of car and truck headlights around you.   We did some unscientific visual testing with car headlights and StreetGlo decals and found that you could still see the reflective decal even when car headlights were behind the decal material.   So long as there was front light shining on the decal material, you could still see the reflective vinyl when backlit by an oncoming car.  This could be substantial since a motorcycle crossing in-between two headlight to headlight facing cars would still be seen by both motorist.   We were impressed, because a person standing between car headlights could not be seen from the broadcast direction of the headlight beams. 

        StreetGlo has reflective decals for helmets, motorcycles, boats, cars, trucks and they also make advertising signs for all vehicles.  We tested one of their advertising signs as well and found a simple advertising message on the back window of a car could be seen reflecting on a dark road for a distance of nearly 1/2 mile in less than ideal conditions.

        StreetGlo also has a large assortment of neat graphical designs that can decorate your bike in a style almost as appealing as good quality air-brushing, but in solid colors.  However,  the StreetGlo decals are much more interesting than air-brushing because their night reflectivity can do more than look cool, they can save your life!

        See the photos to the side-bar for a better idea of the reflective capability of their reflective products.


        If there is any down side to installing decals,  it has to be  wrapping a large decal around a motorcycle gas tank or helmet.  Installation difficulty isn't limited to StreetGlo.  All decals can be a pain, especially the larger ones.     StreetGlo has a nice collection of help files and installation videos at www.streetglo.net  that may be of help to you.   Using the methods shown on these videos we were able to install several of their more difficult decals without a glitch.  However,  we strongly suggest using their methods as hindsight tells us that our own methods would have ruined a decal or two.     Streetglo supplies decals in different formats to aid in installation.  They also suggest a fluid
solution to wet the decal and object to receive the decal on SOME, but not ALL of their decals.   Size of the decal isn't really a problem as much as the shape of the decal.   Big long decals go on fairly easy such as their popular Speed Stripe Helmet Decal.  On the other hand, large round decals can be a bit tricky.  It takes a combination of application technique and stretching to wrap the deal around a helmet.    However we were able to completely and perfectly install all the samples we ordered and the decals were exceptionally bright under reflected light.


        StreetGlo has received a very high rating for really cool motorcycle decals and improving safety for motorcycle riders from all the reviews so far published about them.

        If you want to make your motorcycle ride safer both day and night, Streetglo should be the first accessory you install.

        If you want to advertise your business or service, their web decal product will do the trick!   We ordered a sample of their web decal car advertising banner for the back window of a SUV.  It screams for attention at night and cars hang around our tailgate for a while until they read it.   The reflective blue message is too hard to resist when it's illuminated at night.  If there is a downside, it might be tailgaters trying to read the darn thing.  We suggest you order 3" or taller text so it can be read from a distance!

        If you want truly bright and reflective decals and motorcycle graphics, car graphics or safety reflective pin stripe, we just have to recommend Streetglo.   The products are top quality and the price isn't bad either!

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