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bob pickett reviews streetglo
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 Bob Pickett elects to 'Be Seen, Be Safe' with 'Streetglo' reflective helmet stickers

Even the most short-sighted driver should see THIS glowing at them Anything that helps you to be seen on the road has to be a good idea. Research in New Zealand showed that patches of colour work best in daytime, one of the benefits of wearing a helmet with a bright design. But come night-time, these benefits are lost. So what can be done to increase visibility? Wearing something like a 'Sam Browne' belt is a good idea, but what about your head?

This is where Streetglo reflective helmet stickers come in. Streetglo make a range of reflective helmet decals and stickers and motorcycle graphics. They also make car and truck decals, but as this is a motorcycling site, we shall be concentrating on the bike side of things!

I have a plain Arai RV helmet, so I ordered the 'Speed Stripe' decals in yellow, so that I would get the benefit of bright colours in the day, but a wide range of colours are available.

A lot of stickers, shining brightly You get a LOT of stickers for your money. The set comes with two side stickers (goes from the front air intake, right round the side panels see photo), eight small single strips, a couple of long triangles (which could also be used as a single long strip) and an arrow to point over the top of the helmet.

The smaller stickers are easy to apply, but if, like me, you are rather ham-fisted, get someone else to help you with the larger stickers or preferably someone good at crafts to apply them. (My wife Laura did mine - I am honest enough to admit I'd have struggled on my own)

As I like minimalist design, I went for just the side stickers, plus one small one at the back.

We then applied a couple of the small strips to the back of my wife's helmet - and we've still got the two long triangular strips, five small strips plus the arrow left!

If you already have a helmet with a design, Streetglo also supply a wide range of individual stickers, so you should be able to find something to match.

Once dry, the stickers stick rock solid - I've still got to try them in truly harsh weather (so far they've been out in cold, dry runs and a mixture of mist and light drizzle), but I reckon they're on for good.

Be seen from the side - stop the idiots in the side-turning from pulling out on you And they are VERY reflective. Take a look at the pictures in this review. When a bright light hits them in the dark, they fairly leap out at you! On a dark road, even the weakest of headlights will make the Streetglo stickers shine like a beacon and hopefully give the idiot behind the wheel a lot more advance warning you are there. Combine these with some of the bodywork graphics and even the blindest of car drivers would be hard pushed to claim they didn't see you!

I'd like to see someone with a plain Shoei get a set of the flames (Streetglo make flames in a very similar style to some of Shoei's designs) in the same colour. They'd be hard to see in the day, but I reckon the effect in the dark would be superb.


Anything that helps you be seen has to be a good idea - and the Streetglo stickers certainly do that. They also mean you can personalise your helmet relatively inexpensively and make yourself safer at the same time!

For more information on the helmet stickers and decals, or Streetglo's range of motorcycle graphics, car and truck decals contact: Streetglo's site