Head / Spine Injury stickers 
Reflective Helmet Removal Warning decal may help prevent  paralysis.
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Head Injury

You survived your motorcycle or bicycle accident without permanent disability. 
But will you survive the 'good intentions' of those that might try to comfort or help you?

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PLEASE NOTE:  We have changed the warning from prior versions.  The new warning will read as follows:


The motorcycle or bicycle helmet you are wearing is a life saver.  But you can still suffer serious injury to your head, neck or spine.    Don't let this become more complicated by suffering a 2nd injury by an inexperienced 1st responder to your accident.  Let them know... REMIND THEM...  about neck and head injury and the dangers of being moved if injured in this way. 

sticker is .90" tall and 3.75" wide
Helping to keep you safe at home, work or play.
Reflective products can save lives!  This product can
save your mobility and prevent Paralysis from head or spine
injury from helmet removal after an accident!

Warning Stickers - DO NOT REMOVE HELMET;

Your "first responders"  may not be qualified to
 remove your helmet in the event of head or spine injury.

Remind them of the serious nature of your head or neck/spine injury!

Carefully worded helmet removal warning stickers should be on every motorcycle helmet.   Unfortunately they are not.  As a result sometimes inexperienced individuals with good intentions cause further and sometimes serious additional injury by removing your helmet in cases of head, neck and spine complications.    Help them to help you with a warning sticker intended to make them think before deciding to remove your helmet!

There are several variations of this "wording" typically used in these kinds of warning labels.   Even our own early stickers followed typical wording that, in our opinion, is too specific in wording and may not cover all possible situations you might encounter with  unconscious motorcycle accident victims.   Our new sticker design conveys the warning but does not attempt to prescribe what might be the best response.  

The primary intention of the Streetglo's  helmet removal warning sticker is to caution inexperienced individuals that helmet removal could cause more serious injury to a motorcycle accident victim.    It also reminds trained and certified medical responders about the serious nature of helmet removal while not appearing to offer any alternate to what is determined at the scene to be the best response to your injury.

Our sticker has been changed from it's original wording  phrase which included   "DO NOT REMOVE HELMET UNTIL EXAMINED BY A DOCTOR"  to insure that the sticker is not attempting to be an instruction on how a properly trained first medical responder might react to your accident.  While it's true that most qualified medical responders would likely ignore such procedural  wording on a sticker,  it is possible that such wording could complicate the response to your accident or delay helmet removal in those cases whereby is is critical that your helmet be removed!

Our new helmet warning removal labels are intended only to make all parties think about your situation and react accordingly!