Retail Store Vinyl Lettering
 -  Know the vinyl grade before you invest in vinyl lettering -
Vinyl lettering is available in many grades and styles.  Vinyl lettering can be purchased at your local department store in a stamped vinyl format usually in font heights of 1 to 4 inches.    These stamped vnyl letters can be pulled away from the backing and applied on the object that you wish to lable.
The grade of store bought vinyl lettering may be unknown.  Usually, this grade is a fair to good grade and can be expected to last for a long time indoors but don't expect a long life outdoors.

Custom Made vinyl lettering
Pay extra close attention to the grade you are getting

Custsom made vinyl lettering is usually made by a variety of companies but usualy are sign and graphics companies and a few individuals on Ebay.   While store bought lettering is generally of decent quality,  Custom made vinyl lettering can be made with any grade of vinyl.   If the lettering is priced too cheaply to be believable,  believe it!   Vinyl letters are cut from larger factory rolls on a vinyl blade plotting machine.  Any grade of vinyl can be cut including promotional grades of vinyl which are often used on outdoor banners.  These promotional grades of vinyl are intended to last only a few months outdoors. 
To put this into perspective,  3M's engineer grade reflective vinyl rolls are just over $500.00 per roll in raw cost to the  the distributor.  This vinyl is among the best vinyl avvailable and can last for a decade outdoors.   On the other hand,  some promotional vinyls are as little as $18.00 per roll and these won't last outdoors more than 1 summer or 1 winter season.  You do get what you pay for.

Custom made Streetglo vinyl lettering
The vinyl lettering you don't every have to worry about.
Streetglo Vinyl lettering is made only from engineer grade reflective vinyl stock from 3M and other major maufacturers.   It is not the variety sold on Ebay and some other online sign makers.  Our vinyl lettering would normally be too expensive for most projects except that we buy huge cartons of full factory rolls often times cheaper than the distributors own price.   With Streetglo vinyl lettering you are guraranteed to receive the highest quality custom cut vinyl lettering and you can expect nothing less -  even though our prices are among the lowest available by mail order or via internet stores.

You can design you own custom vinyl lettering online now...
And select one of our vinyl lettering design tools and make your vinyl lettering online and delivered to your door!

Boat Lettering
Vinyl Boat lettering
- The most abusive thing
you can do to vinyl!
Inexpensive Boat Lettering - No Bargain!

Boat Lettering
 Design it now online

Don't labor over which boat name / boat lettering  decal company to choose.  We use only the highest grade boat lettering outdoor rated reflective vinyl available and we guarantee the lowest price on 7/8  year engineering grade vinyl (the best available).  Don't bother with the cheaper grades of vinyl, you boat will outlast it!  The cheaper grades of vinyl will begin to break down in 18 months or less.  Really cheap vinyl (promotional grade) won't even last a whole season...   Marine vinyl boat names require the best possible viny.   Here at Streetglo, we buy only the top grade of boat lettering vinyl.  It's the same vinyl used on refelective street signs and Police/Emergency Vehicles -  2 of the toughest applications for vinyl.

We  guarantee there is no better boat name lettering vinyl avaialble.  Choose Streetglo!

CDW - Chesapeake: "I bought my boat name lettering decals from a company selling on ebay.  It was a heck of a deal, $25.00 for a 40" wide boat name.  It looked fantastic.  However, it lasted only 13 months before it started to turn up on the edges and curling"

Zen W - Orlando: "My 1998 Rinker boat name decal bought online lasted 5-6 months before it self destructed.  I paid a fortune for this stupid decal.  My Cobra (Streetglo) Boat lettering  decal has been installed now for 5 years and it looks like new."

Click Quality Boat Lettering to see an article about boat name vinyl.
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Quality Economical boat lettering
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Boat Lettering System

Streetglo uses a unique wet release transfer system that makes installation of vinyl  lettering virtually goof-proof!   While most vinyl lettering products come with some kind of application face to hold the vinyl lettering in place while you install it,  our system includes a unique intelligent wet-release system that offers maximum installation adjustment of your vinyl lettering and guaranteed release of the application tape once your vinyl lettering   is in place.  No more folds, tangles, bubbles or air pockets with our unique product.

Our exclusive wet-release system can also be installed dry for those installation experts out there!

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Vinyl  Lettering installation instructions

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