Front  photograph of motorcycle at night without flash.   Notice the slim image of the helmet on  the back rest?

The same image with a flash added, from the side.

Same Image,  head on, looking into the 85 watt headlight and two 55 watt side lights.   LumaStripe still shins thru.



Reflective Helmet Decal  -  Helmet Sticker  Stock  & Custom Motorcycle Helmet Sticker  Also for: Auto Decals, Truck Decals , Custom Sticker,  Auto Sticker


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Replacement factory logo decals for Harley, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW and More.

Photo 1:


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Cruiz with a 
bright light!

Just how bright is Lumastripe?    See the 3 photos below:


You can buy an ordinary Helmet Decal if you want to,  but buying a StreetGlo reflective helmet decal is a statement that screams—”Don’t Hit Me!”


We hope all bikers realize just how tiny they are with regard to road activity.   It is completely  true that a motorist can look at you but  “not see you”.   Our Lumastripe products can greatly increase your safety and keep you from being hit!


Reflective helmet decals are more than just a cool item to stick on your helmet or bike.  Reflective Helmet decals could honestly be a deciding factor in saving your life.    LumaStripe vinyl is among the brightest reflective vinyl available worldwide.   We are committed to providing the brightest possible material for our reflective helmet decals and graphics.   A  LumaStripe equipped bike is Ultimately Cool and Obnoxiously Bright at night.  Even in broad daylight,  if you shine light upon it,  it has a bright sheen unlike any other type of material.   Displayed herein are only a tiny portion of our graphics.  We have over 150,000 decal images.    We are busy converting them now for application to LumaStripe products.  Please check back often as new decals are introduced daily.

Ultimately Cool Outrageously Bright!


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Lumastripe at Night

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