All motorcycle graphics kit sare DIE cut, one color sticker / decals.   If you see a background on the motorcycle graphic kit photo, this represents only the backing material.  The Motorcycle graphic is pulled off the backing prior to installation.


Our motorcycle graphics kit is easy to install.  We use wet/dry vinyl allowing you to apply either totally dry or wet with a solution of 1 cup water and 1 drop of Palmolive dishwashing detergent.   Some elements of this motorcycle graphic kit will be supplied with application tape to insure easy installation.  The application tape is removed after the decal is placed.



Streetglo Reflective Motorcycle Graphics, Helmet Decals, Helmet Stickers, Motorcycle Graphics Kit.

Purchase 11pc. Maltese/Skull Motorcycle Graphics Kit (reflective)

Featured Item:


11 Pc.   Skull-Maltese

Motorcycle Graphics Kit    with tank flame graphics and fender flame graphics.


 Normally $ 69.95  NOW $38.90


Available any reflective color or any stock vinyl color.   Also available in specialty vinyl's, please contact us for details.

Entire kit measures 12” tall and  14.75” wide. 


The Maltese/Skull graphic is also available in a matching helmet decal.  Please see our Helmet Decal link.



Large Reflective Motorcycle Graphics Kit


This is our newest motorcycle graphics kit.   The motorcycle graphics kit includes 2 decals with the Maltese / Skull motorcycle tank decal sets.  1 Front Fender Flame Decal,  4, Side and Top Tank Flame Graphics, and 4 Flame Accent graphics.


This motorcycle graphics kit is available in all grades of vinyl but is ready to ship today in LumaStripe reflective vinyl.    This  motorcycle graphics kit can be installed fully, or you can install only parts of this motorcycle graphics kit as desired.   The main graphic is a Maltese / Skull with motorcycle tank flame graphic accents which measures approximately 14.5” wide and  4.255” tall.   The motorcycle graphics kit is supplied on a single backing sheet.   The skull graphic is supplied with an application tape front to insure all components of the motorcycle graphic remain intact during installation.  The remaining graphic elements are installed one at a time as they are pulled away from the backing material.  


This motorcycle graphics kit is the perfect accent to your motorcycle. 


We are working on our next motorcycle graphics kit— Ghost Flames.  We are looking for test biker installations.  Please contact us for details.  Motorcycle graphic kits in test format are supplied free but in stock vinyl,  not reflective. 

Maltese / Skull Motorcycle graphics kit.   Reflective or Non-Reflective motorcycle graphics kit are available. Tank Flame Graphic, Motorcycle Graphics Decal, Sticker Decal

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