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All of our decal design engines work exactly the same way.  The difference between the different choices for engines is the way it will display your designed sample. Our decal design engines are designed to give you a solid idea of how your decal will look in the application you are seeking.

A summary of this decal design service...  (please read)

1.  There is no charge to use this engine.  It is a free decal design engine.
2.  Different fonts have varying width to height ratios.  If you want a tall font but it is too wide for your application,  select smaller fonts.  When you click on the CHOOSE button for fonts, each font is listed as Narrow, very Narrow, Average, Wide and Very Wide.   Choose a font that will allow the height you want.   If you do not see the font you want,  click CUSTOM FONT and e-mail us the font of  your choice.    If you want a graphic included,  click ADD GRAPHIC and send us the image. 

3.  To design a decal, you must....

A.   Enter text in line 1.
B.   Choose a font by clicking CHOOSE (this opens a pop-up window with the fonts shown)  If you do not see the fonts,  it is possibly opened under another window.  Please look for it.
C.  Pick a color for your decal.  Pay close attention as there are non reflective colors available at a lower cost.
D.  Click Calculate and Preview...  Scroll down to see the result.

If you want to customize your decal, we offer both Outline and Shadow options.  Consider Outline over Shadow.  It is less expensive and it creates more reflective surface area than Shadow.

To use Outline... 

A.  Click the button beside Outline Color.
B.  Choose an alternate color to your main text line.
C.  Choose a thickness of the outline.  It can vary greatly the look.
D.  Click Calculate and preview...  Scroll down for the result.

To use Shadow...  ( you may combine outline and shadow if you like)
A.  Click the button beside Shadow Color
B.  Choose an alternate color to your main text and/or outline colors.
C.  You can shift the outline around with the Offset Values.
D.  Click Calculate and preview...  Scroll down for the result.

How do we price your decal?

These decals are designed to last a very long time.   Most companies will say this but in truth, most companies use a commercial grade of vinyl, a few use a promotional grade.  You can often tell by the price.  A 60" wide single line, single color decal can be bought anywhere between $25.00 and $120.00.   Promotional Vinyl can be as inexpensive as $2.00 per foot.  Premium vinyl raw cost can be upwards of $16.00 per foot or higher.  It's simple, good vinyl is going to cost more and nothing changes this.   Our reflective vinyl is selected from only the very best "Engineering Grade" vinyl.  It will last a very long time outdoors in full sun, wind, rain and snow, possibly outlasting even the object it is installed on.  We use only engineering grade vinyl and we guarantee the best price on this grade of lettering vinyl... period!.   

Outline and shadow adds to your cost.  In reality,  when you order either of these options,  it is technically a decal applied over a decal as we manufacture it.  It doubles the vinyl required.   Outline is cheaper because it takes less design time to make.  

How to reduce cost:

1.  All lettering is priced on a formula based on Number of Characters, Number of color changes,  and the final width of each line.   To keep cost down minimize the width of your decal.  Smaller characters look bigger in real life than you might think.   One of our competitors selling rear window decals don't even offer anything larger than 2".  We think 2" should be a choice, not a limit, so you can go 10" (or larger if you e-mail us for your design).

Using multiple Lines:
You can have up to 4 lines of text per order.   Please note:  We supply each line on it's own application sheet.  In other words,  the total height of your design can vary according to your liking.   Nothing makes you place the 2nd line as we display it in our decal design engine example.  In fact, you can put your 2nd line on a completely different object.  If you order 4 lines, you will receive 4 different strips of lettering to place as you like.

Installing our vinyl lettering decals:
All vinyl lettering decal companies provide the lettering on a transfer tape.  This tape holds the design in place and allows you to install it.   Vendors vary greatly on the type of  transfer tape (pre-mask) supplied.  There are cheap paper types and even cheap plastic types.   We use a unique water release based vinyl tape for our transfer process.  This system can be installed wet or dry.  (dry should be done only by professionals as it's a one shot opportunity to get it right).  Our wet system includes a decal installation video that shows the process, and it's GOOF PROOF!  See the decal installation video now.  We have the best installation system available as the tape will release after  you install the decal.  Maximum adjustment and bubble elimination is the result of our outstanding Wet Release installation system.

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